Acabado Theme Review

I have been following Income School for a while and I always watch their videos. They have a WordPress theme that they promote along the Divi Theme.

The WordPress community who spend time following certain influencers in the WordPress recommend the theme because it is lightweight.

I don’t have the WordPress theme but there are a lot of sites using including the ones created and shared publicly by Income School.

I am gonna analyze some of them and see if they are properly optimized optimized for speed.

The Acabado Theme: Purpose in Christ

I decided to run some tests in a site which is not monetized by income school and that talks about the teachings of the Mormon Church.

The site is using CloudFlare so we can really what hosting provider they are using for this one but the results are good.

It is a pretty minimalistic theme not for everyone. I like minimalism so I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Speed Improvements in the Acabado Theme

Don’t stop reading because the speed can be improved even further with some easy optimizations.

Since they are already using CloudFlare, I would try to improve the speed by using getting a CloudFlare APO subscription or implementing full page caching.

The site has 29 requests. That’s a lot

These are some of the optimization that I would apply to reduce the number of requests.

Requests Solutions
Google Analytics (3)PerfMatters, WP Rocket or Flying Scripts
Google Fonts (3)System Fonts, Flying Fonts
WP – Emoji (1)Code Snippets or Perfmatters
WP – Embed (1)Code Snippets or Perfmatters
Gravatar (1)Create your Author bio
Lazy Loading (4)PerfMatters
Comments (2)Get rid of comments
Pictures (9)PerfMatters

I got myself a copy of the Acabado Theme with the optimizations described above and I was able to reduce the requests to five by simply activating some features in the Perfmatters Plugin.

So if you want to use this theme make sure to apply the speed optimizations described above using Perfmatters or the other options mentioned above.


You can achieve pretty good results using the Acabado theme but you can get those results using other lightweight themes out there such as GeneratePress, Astra, Kadence and Blocksy.

You can customize it that much so you will find that their sites look all the same and they are clear about that in their sale page.

We named it “Acabado” (Portuguese for “finished”) because we don’t want the theme to need extensive customizing to look good.  The customization options are very simple, but if you want to do some deep surgery on the theme to heavily tweak it, you’ll need to use CSS on your own.

Income School

Some people complain about lightweight themes being fast because they are a white canva but the Acabado Theme is more than that with very limited customization options.

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