Best Ad Placements on your WordPress Site

If you are using Adsense, you have to figure out what the best ad placements are, and doing so requires some testing.

People who use Ezoic, Mediavine, AdThrive, and other ad networks can let those networks find those placements.

I recently moved one of my sites to Ezoic and the difference in earning wasn’t big at all because I was trying to have the best ad placements on my WordPress site.

Best Ad Placements

You gotta test, test and test again but these are some of the ad placements that I will use with any WordPress site.

Sidebar (Two Units)

Place two ads in the sidebar, you can have a 300×250 ad unit and a 300×600 ad unit.

Don’t place way too many widgets in the Sidebar, add two or three small widgets but make sure there is enough space for those two ads.

The 300 x 250 ad should be above the fold and the 300×600 should be the last widget in the sidebar.

Make sure that the last widget is sticky.

You can use the free version of Ad Inserter to create ad widgets and make one of them sticky.

Check Mediavine sites and you will see they do.

Anchor Ads (For Desktop and Mobile)

Anchor ads are a type of overlay ad that stays at the bottom of a webpage regardless of scrolling.

Make sure you have those on your site, you can create those using GeneratePress and GP Premium and a little bit of CSS.

If your theme doesn’t allow you to do that, you can do that with the Pro Version of Ad Inserter.

The width and height of the anchor ad for Desktop must be 728×90 and the for mobile and table must be 300×50

Use the same Adsense ad unit for the anchor ads for Desktop and Mobile.

In-Content Ads (For Desktop and Mobile)

This is the part that you have to test, test and test again to make sure you have the best ad placements.

I would use Ad Inserter to place Adsense 300×250 Ad Units:

  • Before Post
  • Before First Paragraph
  • After Third Paragraph
  • Before Fourth Paragraph
  • After Sixth Paragraph
  • After Ninth Paragraph
  • After Twelfth Paragraph
  • After Content
  • After Post

Take into consideration that I have a Table of Content after paragraph 3

You can add more ads after a certain number of paragraphs but remove the units that are making you less money.

I have only ten ad units and I monitor which one makes me more money and which ones are making me less. The one that makes me less will be moved or might be deleted.

All the information to make those decisions can be found in your Adsense panel.

Adsense vs Ezoic

I recently wrote a post about my experience with Adsense and Ezoic and I am really not that impressed with it.

My RPM is around $2 and now the EPMV from Ezoic translated to RPM is like $2.30. I will remain with Ezoic but it is not always like those WordPress influencers tell.

They are not going to turn my $800 into $1600 or $2400 with a little bit of AI Magic here and there.

If you have the poorest ad placements, you will probably double or triple your money but I don’t think it is the case if you did your homework with Adsense.

I can’t say the same about Mediavine and AdThrive, my sites target spanish speaker and those two don’t want to work with those type of sites.


At the end of the day, there is a limited number of places where you can place ads, check sites using Ezoic, Mediavine and Ad Thrive and learn from what they do.

If you want to move from Adsense to another Ad Network, improve the ad placement so you know what your site is worth.

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Manuel Campos

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