How to Disable CloudFlare Caching

You might be wondering why you might want to disable CloudFlare caching because caching your content through CloudFlare is one of their main benefits.

I decided to disable CloudFlare caching in some of my sites because I am using Ezoic Ads and they have their own CDN so I thought that it was a good idea to reduce the number of steps to get the content of my site.

By the way, CloudFlare is my domain registrar and also my security service so getting rid of CloudFlare is not an option for me.

How to Disable CloudFlare Caching

These are the steps to disable CloudFlare caching:

  1. Go to CloudFlare
  2. Go to your domain
  3. Go to Rules
  4. Click the “create page rule” button
  5. And write and choose the options found in the following in this pictures

When you click save and deploy, you will see that the content served via CloudFlare is reduced to less than 1%

Pretty easy, right?

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