Ezoic vs Adsense: The Final Battle

In this post, you will find my thoughts about the battle between Ezoic and Adsense and some very important things that you should consider before making the switch to one or the other.

I hope that I don’t bore you with my story but that’s the only way I can make my position clear

At the end, I am trying to make sense out of my journey making money from Display ads.

Time to read!

Adsense my First Love (June, 2019)

I joined Adsense in 2019 and these were my earnings with zero knowledge about how to place ads, autoads, anchor ads, number of ads per page, ad viewability, impressions.

I knew nothing about monetization with ads.

MonthPage RPM (USD)

Ezoic: My Second Love (May, 2020)

At this point, I thought that giving Ezoic a try was the best next thing to do and these were my results.

I saw an improvement in the first month and then I saw how the pandemic screwed all publishers up


During my last month, I saw how the number of visits is decreasing, I also see how my site is getting super poor results in GTMetrix.

I also got frustrated with the placeholders.

You switch themes and you lose all your placeholders and when you try to add them yourself, you site looks more messy and spammy than it already was.

I didn’t feel like adding more content or updating the existing one because it was gonna look spammy and feel super slow anyways.

Also paying for the Ezoic optimization tool was insane, I just needed to lazy load the ads and they were going to charge like $59 for that

So I stopped using Ezoic ads.

Back to Adsense (August, 2020)

I got back to Ezoic and I decided that I was going to place the ad units with Ad Inserter in the best places I knew.

I also started using Sticky Ads on the Sidebars and the bottom of the page using Ad Inserter or Elements created by GeneratePress.

I limited the number of units to 10 or 12 and removed the ones that got less visibility.

I started testing things and getting ideas from sites using Ezoic, Mediavine and AdThrive since they are easy to find using PublicWWW.

I saw how the site started to get more visits again therefore the revenue starts to grow

MonthRPM Adsense

On May I had only ten units:

  • 7 in-content ads. (Fixed ad units 300 x 250)
  • 2 Sidebar ads, one of them a sticky ad. (Fixed ad units 300 x 250 or 300 x 600)
  • 1 Sticky ad at the bottom. (Fixed ad unit 728 x 90 for Desktop) or (300 x 50 for Tablets and Mobile)

The site is super fast, super optimized with a fully loading time of 0.3 seconds with the help of PerfMatters and the full page caching by CloudFlare.

No even using a caching plugin. 97% of all requests made to my site taken care by CloudFlare.

I think I could make two or three moves like paying for CloudFlare APO, purifying the CSS of the site and removing the less performing in-content ads to have nine winners (nine titans)

Back to Ezoic (June, 2021)

I decided to stay in two Ezoic groups, one of them is the same stuff every day:

  • People having problems with Ezoic,
  • Influencers trying to get their affiliate commissions.
  • People trying to get their sites approved with almost no views
  • Ezoic apologists jumping every time a post or comment doesn’t praise Ezoic.

The ezoic apologists are the worst, they don’t work for Ezoic and they answer questions with zero reasoning like people who belong to a cult

Despite all of that I decided to add a Small site that recently hit 15000 page views a month to see if things have changed or if I have changed.

You always learn a lot of things when you test things yourself instead of relying on what other people say.

The site was approved and one Ezoic employee set the placeholders in the worst way possible. Different site, same spammy method for placing ads.

I got rid of all placeholders set by Ezoic and placed them myself using the Ad Inserter plugin.

Then I contacted a really cool man named Dan from Ezoic. I asked him if he could approve my bigger site

I told him that I was gonna place the ads myself but he said that he was happy to set that up with the Ad Inserter plugin.

He did an awesome job. I was really happy with the service.

Page Views Vs EPMV

There is a difference between page views and visitors and that’s something that has to be taken into consideration before trashing Adsense.

I understand there is a difference but you gotta take it into account when you do these experiments.

Ezoic EPMV$2.39
Ezoic EPMV translated to Page RPM$2
GSP saying: “I am not impressed by your Performance”

Remember, I am not discussing what reporting method is better.

John Dykstra have some thoughts about EPMV vs RPM in the Fat Stacks Blog. He also has what he calls a Website RPM & EPMV Calculator

John is a very smart guy, hopefully this helps to make fair comparisons between Adsense, Ezoic or any other ad networks you are using.

Ezoic Leap

I decided to deactivate Ezoic Leap because I am getting the same results with or without it. Those optimizations are not making a difference.

I am still using Ezoic Cloud Caching since Ezoic publishers are pretty much forced to use it.

These were my earnings on June 7th, 2021.

Ezoic Adsense
$2.71 RPM$2.38 RPM

The EPMV translated to RPM is $2.38 according to the Website RPM & EPMV Calculator by Fat Stacks.

The difference is $33 cents.

Thousands of ad combinations from Ezoic, sticky ads on the sidebar, anchor ads, ad refreshing.


Adsense with 10 fixed ad units, no sticky ads in the sidebar or anchor ads, no ad refreshing

Not losing money but not living the Ezoic dream that the Influencers talk about in their streams when they promote their Ezoic affiliate links.

Ezoic (June & July 2021)

These are the results of the first two months

MonthEzoic EPMV Ezoic RPMAdsense RPM

Crawl Stats

If I interpret this correctly, adding my site to Ezoic is making things more difficult for the Google crawler

This is google telling me that Ezoic ads are making their crawler work twice, three or four times harder

Publishers never talk about this. Influencers won’t talk about this since they need their affiliate money.

Ezoic (August, 2021)

Ezoic earnings took a hit in July as predicted by the Ezoic Team so I decided to clean a bit and got of rid of all the ad units which were marking small percentage of the total earnings.

I started August with the eleven top earners and the anchor ads.

I don’t believe in this idea that you have to add 50 placeholders and let the artificial intelligence do its thing.

If you place an ad after paragraph 25 and it makes you close to 0% in earning, why would you add ads after paragraph 30, 33, 36, 40, 45, 50?

Check your Ezoic analytics and find out.

By the way, EPMV in August has been similar or better than June and July so getting rid of a bunch of ads below the fold making almost nothing hasn’t impacted my earnings negatively

AdsEzoic AdsAdsense

During August, I made my best effort to optimize my site and I started getting more views

  • I disavowed spammy links
  • I started using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and fixed all the problems Ahrefs pointed out
  • I deleted some posts
  • I started updating posts
  • I added more content
  • I improved my internal links

By the end of August, I started getting more views therefore I started making more money

Ezoic Ads (September 2021)

It has been a good month, I am getting lots of views a day therefore I am making more money

I thought that having more and more pageviews would increase my RPM since more people are checking my content but it seems like it didn’t move the needle.

I know that most of my traffic is not from the USA therefore I am not expecting $24 RPM, not even a $10 RPM.

I would be happy getting a $5 to $8 RPM and that’s why I am not that happy with Ezoic.

Maybe sites targeting a non English speaking audience don’t make that much on Ezoic, specially if the Adsense setup you used to have was really good.

Back to Adsense?

I am thinking about getting back to Adsense, At this point I am sending 5% of the traffic to Adsense and sometimes I get similar numbers.

These are the numbers for september 14th


Ezoic and Adsense using the same number of ad units.

I am trying to figure out what else I can do to make more money from Display ads:

  • Adding more in-content ads doesn’t make any sense since I don’t write long *ss posts so adding ads after paragraph 15 add a bit of money but not that much.
  • I don’t want to add more ads above the fold before the post title or before the headers because that would make my site look way too spammy.

Since I hate server-side ads, I might go back to Adsense in the near future, I don’t want to make the move right now because I am happy with the money I am making and I want to give Ezoic a bit more time.

Not much to say, more pageviews, more money

AdsEzoic AdsAdsense

Ezoic Ads (October, 2021)

Not much to say, more pageviews, more money

AdsEzoic AdsAdsense

Ezoic Ads (November, 2021)

Not much to say, more pageviews, more money.

AdsEzoic AdsAdsense

I feel comfortable with Ezoic, I am happy with my site, with its growth and speed.

I never got the amount of visits I am getting now so it is kinda hard to figure out the amount of money I would be making if I were with Adsense.

Ezoic AI is telling me what I already knew. Anchor Ads, Ads above the fold and Sticky ads are the best.

Tempted to go back to Adsense for faster loading times with CloudFlare APO.

Ezoic is not beating the crap out of Adsense.

I don’t wanna pay for Ezoic Premium, the numbers don’t make any sense for me

$345 to make between $15 to $ 85

I don’t really understand how people can defend those numbers.

Ezoic Ads (December, 2021)

There was an issue with reporting during the first part of december so I decided to split the traffic between Ezoic and Adsense since that moment on

I have the same number of units in the Adsense and Ezoic versions of my sites.

These are some of the results I got with a 50/50 split:

DateEzoic EPMVEzoic RPMAdsense RPMDifference
Dec 12, 2021$4.31$3.36$2.79$0.57
Dec 13, 2021$3.43$2.71$2.60$0.11
Dec 14, 2021$3.54$2.79$2.72$0.07
Dec 15, 2021$3.80$3.02$2.24$0.78
Dec 16, 2021$3.33$2.64$2.39$0.25
Dec 17, 2021$3.82$3.01$2.22$0.79
Dec 18, 2021$3.94$3.03$3.16-$0.13
Dec 19, 2021$4.14$3.36$2.69$0.61
Dec 20, 2021$4.23$3.37$2.64$0.73
Dec 21, 2021$3.24$2.57$2.39$0.18
Dec 22, 2021$3.68$2.94$2.37$0.57

As you can see, Ezoic won an unanimous decision here.

These are my results when you have the same number of units on both Ezoic and Adsense versions of my site.

There were things that I couldn’t replicate such as the Ezoic Ad Refreshes, Ezoic sometimes serving less units whenever it feels right and Ezoic choosing the best ad sizes for your visitors.

Can Ezoic get you 300% – 500% more?

I don’t think so.

That probably happens when site owners don’t know sh*t about placing ads (That’s my opinion)

If you didn’t do your homework when you were using Adsense ads and the you switch to Ezoic, they are gonna beat the crap out of Adsense and claim that your RPM grew 400%.

I left Ezoic during the last days of December and got back to Adsense cuz I am never happy with the way they do things.

Back to Adsense: Jan to April (2022)

I got back to Adsense, I subscribed to CloudFlare APO , I optimized my sites a little bit more.

Numbers have not been the same when it comes to RPM but it is hard to know what the number would have been if I had stayed with Ezoic in 2022.

These are the numbers that I got using Adsense during the first four months in 2022

MonthPage RPM

I feel tempted to comeback but who knows?

Final Thoughts

These are some of my thoughts regarding the battle with Adsense and Ezoic.

  • When you start sending 5% of your traffic to Adsense, the RPM will decrease so making comparison between Ezoic and Adsense is kind of pointless.
  • We don’t know how Ezoic handles tests when you split the traffic.
  • I want to make more money.
  • I want Ezoic to make me more money
  • My options are Adsense or Ezoic since Mediavine or AdThrive won’t take sites targeting a Spanish speaking audience
  • I don’t get 3% of your earnings if you use this or that.
  • There are a lot of people pretty much sh*tting on Adsense to get that 3% of everything you make if you follow their advice and join Ezoic.
  • Some publishers can’t compare sh*t since they have never used Adsense or other programs like Mediavine or AdThrive
  • Ron Stefanski was making a lot of money with Adsense Ads, he was happy with Adsense but he left it behind because he had some issues with that program.
  • Ron probably hates Adsense now but it is a fact that he was making thousands of dollars with it.
  • If Ezoic doesn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean it can’t work you. Feel free to test sh*t

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