Ezoic Review: What I don’t Like about it

Let’s start by saying that Ezoic is helping a lot of publishers make money online, especially publishers who are not targeting a US audience.

Publishers who have a non-US audience have a difficult time getting accepted by the most popular ad networks so Ezoic deserves some credit in that regard.

I rarely have issues with Ezoic because I try to do my research and be responsible for my own sites.

What I don’t like about Ezoic are things that I have learned to live with.

Let’s analyze each one of them.

Ezoic Basic

Ezoic started a new service, it is called Ezoic basic. I haven’t used it because the service is not available for existing Ezoic customers.

Lots of influencers have talked about it but they haven’t said much about Ezoic Basic either because they haven’t played with it either and they probably announce it on their channels for some undisclosed amount of money.

I think Ezoic basic should be part of Ezoic services.

If your site makes a dollar a day, your site should be part of Ezoic basic and once your site makes $100 a month for three consecutive months, you could get access to the Ezoic experience we know it.

Ezoic wouldn’t have to dedicate a team to set up caching, optimize their sites for speed, add placeholders and help publishers go through all the rest of Ezoic rituals.

Ezoic Premium

I don’t really like the premium model that we have now.

I have read many publishers stating that Ezoic Premium pays itself or that you are gonna get downgraded to a lower plan if you don’t make what Premium says you would do.

That doesn’t sound like the best deal ever at all.

Have a look at these plans.

Ezoic Premium

If Ezoic makes me $200 a month, I am happy with them taking $50, and not $140 as they do now.

Despite how horrible those plans are, some Ezoic publishes seem to love them.

Lines of Code and Slow Sites

I don’t really like Ezoic adding a bunch of lines of code to my site’s HTML.

I am not a coder. I am not sure what each one of those lines does but I hate the fact that they are there.

Those lines of code are gonna slow down your site a bit.

This video can show you what I am talking about:

Does this make the work of Google bots and crawlers any harder?

Could this be avoided somehow?

Ezoic and its Many Hats

I don’t know the reasoning behind site integrations.

Why can Ezoic do what they do best and let people take care of their own sites?

Ezoic wants to take over and be your SEO, Speed, and Security expert.

They also want to be your Content Delivery Network and your hosting provider if you let them.

Other companies and services don’t try to fix publishers’ problems that they didn’t start.

If your site is slow, it is your f*cking site, change your hosting provider, find a lighter theme, don’t install crappy plugins, learn speed optimization, add a CDN, subscribe to Cloudflare APO, hire a dev, do whatever you want but fix the problems you have caused.

Access to Google Services

I understand that Ezoic needs access to Google Ad Manager and to an extent to my Google Adsense account.

But why do you want to have access to my Google Search Console and my Google Analytics?

I don’t have a big-money site but I wonder if the Ezoic staff knows what the big-money sites are and what topics bring the most revenue by having a look at those big-money site stats.

If they are a serious company, I bet all that information is confidential but you never know.

I don’t think that Ezoic should do SEO for people or have access to private data.

I don’t know if access to Google Services is optional but it should be.

Complex Set up

I remember the first time I created an Ezoic account, I was like what the heck is all this?

These are the words from a Facebook user from the Affiliate SEO Mastermind

Glad to hear ezoic is moving in the right direction. Without wanting to get into a protracted argument I’m technically minded and have worked as a developer. I also own several ad serving websites and I’ve worked with several ad networks. Ezoic was by far the worst. I know how things are supposed to work, so if I had difficulties (and Ezoic Tech Team couldn’t sort it either), just think how complex it is for the average Joe . Good luck 

Daniel – Facebook User

I think I can manage my way through Ezoic because I like learning and writing about this kind of stuff, but not everyone wants to take the time and learn about it.

It is understandable, you are there to make money, not to learn what 100 buttons do.

Final Thoughts

I think I have said this before but Ezoic is a very misunderstood platform.

They want to be different but Publishers don’t seem to like the areas in which Ezoic is trying to stand out.

Ezoic knows what publishers are bothered by the most but they don’t seem to care. They introduce stuff and changes that nobody is asking for.

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