How to Use Flying Scripts to Speed up Your Wordpress Site

Flying Scripts is a lightweight plugin to delay the execution of JavaScript that can help you get better page speed scores

Flying Scripts is part of a family of plugins created by Gijo Varghese.

The plugin is installed in more than ten thousands sites. Now plugins such as WP Rocket and PerfMatters also have this type of speed optimization.

How to Use Flying Scripts

Using Flying Scripts is not difficult at all, you just need to know the keyword of the JavaScript that you want to delay and that is it.

If you want to get a perfect Google Page Insights score, you can delay the execution of the Adsense Ads JavaScript

You can set the timeout to never and the ads will show until there is user interaction.

User interactions is defined as events from the user like mouse hover, scroll, keyboard input, touch in a mobile device, etc.

I have used Flying Scripts to delay adsense ads and I get perfect scores in Google Page Insights and I haven’t noticed a decrease in earnings.

List of JavaScript that You can Delay

If you don’t know what keyword to add, you can check the GTMetrix waterfall.

To make things easier, you can try to identify the JavaScript that’s slowing your site down
ga( \'

This list was taken from the WP Rocket Plugin

Flying Scripts: Common Questions

These are some common questions about the flying scripts plugin:

Can we delay scripts added by CloudFlare?

Scripts such as email-decode.min.js injected by CloudFlare proxy are added after Flying Scripts has processed HTML. So they can’t be delayed using the plugin.

Can we delay scripts added by Ezoic

Scripts such as nmash.js injected by Ezoic proxy are injected outside of WordPress so flying scripts can control them


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