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Adblockers are software programs that are designed to block or filter out advertisements on the internet.

Adblockers such as AdBlock, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin work by identifying and blocking the code that displays ads on web pages,

Adblockers are often used by people who find online ads annoying or who want to block potentially harmful or unwanted ads, such as those that contain malware or trackers.

Adblockers are a problem for publishers who monetize their sites with display ads.

If publishers want to recover part of that revenue, we can use Google Adsense Ad Blocking Recovery Tool.

Ad Blocking Recovery Tool Adsense

These are some things you keep in mind before using Google Adsense Ad Blocking Recovery Tool.

The Ad Blocking Recovery Tool

When it comes to the way the Ad Blocking Recovery Tool works, I have nothing negative to say.

The tool works nicely because it can help whitelist your site on the most popular ad blockers with just one click.

There are other tools that display warnings but they don’t do anything to simplify the whitelisting process.

Speed, Speed, and Speed

If you care about speed as I do, keep in mind that this ad-blocking recovery tool will add at least two requests.

It is not like these requests will be detrimental to your site speed but if you want to keep things as lightweight as possible, you want fewer requests, not more.

At this point in time, there is no option within Google Adsense Ad Blocking Recovery Tool to show its message after 3, 4, or 5 seconds.

Run some tests on GTMetrix before and after its implementation to be aware of the impact this tool has on your site speed

Earnings Recovered

If you know you are making 40% more money after using this ad recovery tool. I would be like “f*ck site speed” and let’s keep the tool activated 24/7.

I ran a test and I found out that only 8% of my visitors are using adblockers and less than 4% were willing to deactivate their adblockers or whitelist my website using Google Adsense Ad Blocking Recovery Tool.

If I were making $1000 a month, this implementation would get me $50 more in Adsense revenue.

Report Ad Blocking Recovery

Is it worth using the tool to recover 5% of lost revenue?

You can run your own tests and see if it is something you wanna do.

Final Thoughts

At least now, I have a better idea of the amount of money I might be losing due to people using Ad Blockers.

I might activate the tool during the best months of the year in terms of ad revenue.

You should also consider not spamming the crap out of your visitors so they feel that seeing a few ads on your site wasn’t that bad after all.

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