Headless WordPress: Thoughts and Tests

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When you read about headless WordPress, you might conclude that a headless WordPress site will be faster, more secure, more expensive, and more difficult to manage than running a WordPress site on any server of your choice.

I am always playing and testing with stuff and I wanted to see if a headless WordPress was the next in the evolutionary process.

These are my thoughts about running a few tests using Simply Static and Cloudflare pages.

Headless WordPress: Security

Headless WordPress security is unbeatable since there is no connection between the static pages visitors and bots see and your database and WordPress installation.

You won’t get hacked, even if your WordPress has outdated plugins with vulnerabilities.

Your login pages won’t be brute-force attacked.

Having said that, I sleep well at night knowing that my sites are protected by Firewall rules and that my hosting provider isn’t a piece of trash.

Headless WordPress: More Expensive

I have been checking some services and it gives me the impression that Headless WordPress hosting providers are not meant for small projects.

This is the pricing of Strattic Headless WordPress hosting

$40 per month for hosting is out of my league.

If you don’t think that paying $40 to $99 per month for hosting, you can use Cloudflare Pages or Digital Ocean Apps, they have free tiers.

Cloudflare is very generous so I would try that if I were you.

Headless WordPress: Difficult to Manage

If you read tutorials about how to turn your site into a Headless WordPress site, you will probably feel overwhelmed when you read about lines of code, GitHub, programming languages, frameworks, and libraries as part of the process.

We already know that managed hosting providers can be quite expensive if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Doing it yourself isn’t that difficult but it requires learning new things.

If you only how to click buttons, having a Headless WordPress site and managing yourself isn’t for you.

Headless WordPress: Faster Sites

Headless WordPress sites load in under a second, they can be really fast, however, you can have a fast WordPress site if you build sites keeping speed in mind.

My sites with no external scripts load fully in less than 250 ms, sometimes in less than 200 ms, so I am sure that I don’t have much to gain when it comes to embracing new technologies that promise blazing-fast sites.

For these tests, I am using a live site and an exact copy of that site

The site loads 7 requests:


I could reduce the second style and second script if I wanted to test a faster version of the site but that was the current state of the site at the moment of running these tests.

Cloudflare APO

I am subscribed to CloudFlare APO and these are the results of four tests that I ran

These are the results of the first GTMetrix test

Connect 55ms
First Contentful Paint162ms
Large Content Paint162ms
Time to Interactive194ms
Onload time210ms
Fully Loaded Time228ms

These are the results of the second GTMetrix test

Connect 69ms
First Contentful Paint163ms
Large Content Paint163ms
Time to Interactive200ms
Onload time201ms
Fully Loaded Time220ms

These are the results of the third GTMetrix test

Connect 17ms
First Contentful Paint115ms
Large Content Paint115ms
Time to Interactive150ms
Onload time151ms
Fully Loaded Time170ms

These are the results of the fourth GTMetrix test

Connect 16ms
First Contentful Paint102ms
Large Content Paint102ms
Time to Interactive137ms
Onload time140ms
Fully Loaded Time166ms

As you can see, the results, tend to get slightly better after we run more and more tests.

166ms for fully loaded time is quite impressive.

Since seeing is believing, this is a screenshot of the fourth test

Cloudflare Pages: Headless WordPress

Creating a static site to run a few tests isn’t that complicated, just install the Simply Static plugin by Patrick Posner

Simply Static Headless WordPress

I downloaded the copy and uploaded the folder to Cloudflare Pages.

The site loads 7 requests:


As you can see the size of your files will be pretty much the same once they are converted to static pages

These are the results of my first test:

Connect 28ms
First Contentful Paint190ms
Large Content Paint190ms
Time to Interactive221ms
Onload time343ms
Fully Loaded Time536ms

These are the results of my second test:

Connect 57ms
First Contentful Paint264ms
Large Content Paint264ms
Time to Interactive302ms
Onload time310ms
Fully Loaded Time428ms

These are the results of my third test:

Connect 29ms
First Contentful Paint196ms
Large Content Paint196ms
Time to Interactive236ms
Onload time363ms
Fully Loaded Time555ms

These are the results of my fourth test:

Connect 26ms
First Contentful Paint438ms
Large Content Paint438ms
Time to Interactive474ms
Onload time480ms
Fully Loaded Time542ms

This is a screenshot of the fourth test

I decided to run a test after adding a domain to the static site project, just to make sure the comparison was fair and those results didn’t beat APO either

Connect 21ms
First Contentful Paint160ms
Large Content Paint160ms
Time to Interactive219ms
Onload time558ms
Fully Loaded Time590ms


I got kinda excited about turning one of my sites into a Headless WordPress site because the idea of doing it sounds kinda cool, however, if you know what you are doing when building and securing sites, you won’t gain much by jumping into the Headless WordPress bandwagon.

I recognize that the speed tests carried out could be affected by using this and that,

I don’t know if people using those managed hosting services would get sites better results than I was able to get, but let me tell you this, a fully loaded site in less than 166ms is kinda hard, and even if you beat it, what taking it to 130 ms get you?

My sites aren’t Amazon or Walmart, I am not gaining millions of dollars by reducing the fully loaded time by 20ms.

This post was written by God and this is not the Bible, run your own tests and choose wisely.

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