How to Insert Ads With Blocksy Pro

In this post, you will find all that you need to know to monetize your WordPress sites with the help of Blocksy Pro

Blocksy is one of the most popular themes in the wordpress space. The themes gives you so much for free that you might feel that you don’t need to buy the premium version.

The premium version of the Blocksy theme has some pretty good options without the need of a plugin such as Ad Inserter or WP Advanced Ads.

To be fair with plugins created to insert ads, they offer so much more however Blocksy Content Blocks can do the job if you want to place ads on your site.

What I like Blocksy Pro to Insert Ads

One of the things that I like about Blocksy Custom Blocks is that you can add ads before headings so you don’t have break the concentration of your visitors

The plugins lets you choose where to show your content blocks based on:

  • Device
  • Post Type
  • User

This is a short video that can show you how the plugin works

Besides the before heading option, you can also insert ads:

  • After certain number of blocks
  • Before the content
  • After the content
  • Before the Title
  • After the Title

You also have to consider that Blocksy has the option to make the sidebar sticky, something that will increase your ad earnings.

You can add anchor ads on your Adsense panel

Do I Use Blocksy?

I have used Blocksy but I am not using at this moment. I like GeneratePress and when I try to switch to another lightweight theme such as Astra, Kadence and Blocksy, I end up getting frustrated about something and I get back to GP

GeneratePress has an elements section where you can adsense ads here and there but the Blocksy Custom Blocks are far better than that.

Blocksy is a good theme, I totally recommend the free or the premium version.

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