Why Do I have a Low Ad Fill Rate?

Manuel Campos

Sometimes publishers wonder why they aren’t making more money from Display ads.

There could be many possible reasons and one of them could be the ad fill rate or coverage.

If your visitors are from Venezuela, you are gonna get paid less per 1000 impressions than what you would be paid by 1000 impressions from countries like United States.

In additional to that, your ad fill rate would be so four times much lower if you have traffic from Venezuela than the ad fill rate would be if the majority of your traffics comes from Canada and United States.

Your traffic will be even more lower, if your traffic comes from Venezuela because of the low RPM, the low ad fill rate and if most user are checking your site from smartphones.

Let’s explore more in details the reasons why you have a low ad fill rate and some possible solution to that problem.

Fill Rate and Traffic by Country

I love making money from Display Ads

Keep in mind that some countries are linked to a poor coverage or low fill rate, so you think about where most of your visitors are from.

These are some numbers taken from my Adsense Reports from April, 2024.

Bolivia 23.77%
United States95.71%
United Kingdom96.01%

This probably explains why ad networks tell you to f*ck off when they check your analytics and see that the majority of your visitors come from Venezuela, India and Vietnam

Fill Rate and Traffic by Device

Desktop users make you more money because you can add several ads and sticky ads to the sidebar.

Another thing that you gotta keep in mind is that mobile devices have between a 10% to 15% less ad fill rate.

This is data collected by Adsense during April, 2024.

High-end mobile devices63.56%

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Manuel Campos

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