Passive Income Geek Course: Review

Manuel campos

I have been following the Passive Income Geek for a while now and I consider his channel one of the best channels to learn more about monetizing your blog.

He created a course where he shares all that he knows about building Passive Income sites.

The course is $300 and I am gonna tell you what I think about the Passive Income Geek Course before you buy it

Course Content Transparency

The problem with most courses that are sold online around building affiliate or display ads sites is that they don’t tell you what’s inside the course.

Morten is telling you exactly what he is gonna share in each one of the units of the course.

#1Choosing a Good Niche
#2Topic Research
#3Finding a Good Domain Name
#4Setting Up Your Website
#5Writing Awesome Content
#6SEO Tips
#8Social Media
#9Outsourcing Content

So Morten is not one of those guys who is trying to sell you this course as if it was crypto zoo egg.

You know exactly what you are gonna get when you buy the course

Is the Course Content for Newbies?

If you don’t have a clue about each one of the topics he is going to cover then I think that you should go ahead and buy the course

You are gonna spend $300 but you are gonna save yourself some time and you probably end up making less mistakes than most of us.

Should Experience Publishers Buy the Course?

I don’t think this is a course for experienced publishers.

I know that there are a few things that you as an experienced publisher could learn from the course but I think that a person who already has some level of success making passive income shouldn’t buy it.

If you have $300 that you don’t need, you can but I think that experienced publisher know most of the things covered in it.

I went through some of the course units myself and I think some of the content has been shared by him on his own YouTube channel or by others creators in the passive income space

Morten is a knowledgeable and very successful entrepreneur but at the end of the day, he is not using alien technology to do what he does.

Morten Storgaard Sites

Another point for Morten Storgaard and his course is that he has shared some of his sites with his YouTube audience

#1Animal How
#2Go Downsize
#3Sewing Machine Talk

We can see what he has built and what some of the things he does when he builds sites.

You can check things like:

  • The word count of the posts he writes
  • The use of headings in his posts
  • His ad network
  • His love for sticky and anchor ads
  • The minimalistic design he uses
  • How he includes a certain phrase or keyword in the text
  • What he considers valuable when it comes to writing an about page
  • His method to add Amazon Links
  • The use of two or three – line paragraphs

Morten is not like that guy on YouTube who is always trying to sell you a course but he hasn’t shared anything yet.

With Morten, you don’t have to have faith that he will deliver, he clearly delivers

Morten is still Building Sites

I think that the community part of the course is something that will make people want to buy and renew the course.

He is building a site in front of his course members so they can ask questions and learn from the struggles and success from other members.

Sometimes people don’t need more lessons and videos, sometimes creators need classmates.

Making a passive income can be a lonely road and the community solves that problem well.


I think that sometimes you might feel tempted to buy every course out there even when you know the topics that are going to be covered because you think that they have a secret ingredient that is going to make the difference.

I think that the Passive Income Geek Course is for people who want to start a blog or for people who have tried making money online without success.

I don’t think that the course is for experienced publishers, there might be things that you don’t know but that doesn’t mean you have to spend $300 to get that.

If you are already making money online, you have a good idea of what you are doing and you probably have to replicate more of that which is working for you.

I will keep gathering more thoughts about the Passive Income Course so this is not my final word.

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