Removing and Redirecting Query Strings

This is code I generated using AI to solve a problem found on Google Search console.

It redirects a specific query string to the no-query-string version of the URL

You can adjust to meet your site needs.

// Get the current URL and query string
var currentUrl = window.location.href;
var queryString =;

// Check if the URL contains the query string "?swcfpc=1"
if (queryString.indexOf("?swcfpc=1") !== -1) {
  // Remove the query string from the URL
  var newUrl = currentUrl.replace("?swcfpc=1", "");

  // Redirect to the new URL

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Where to Add the Script?

You can add this script to your site header or footer.

If you care about your site performance, I recommend adding it to the footer using the free version of a plugin like WPCode

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