WordPress SEO

These are some pretty good questions you should ask yourself if you want to learn more about SEO:

  1. Are SEO courses overrated?
  2. Are blogging courses overrated?
  3. Can somebody claim to be an SEO expert when his or her success relies on choosing low-competition niches?
  4. Is there such a thing as SEO Friendly themes?
  5. Does changing themes affect your site’s SEO?
  6. Is shared hosting negative for your site’s SEO?
  7. Do ads affect your site’s SEO?
  8. Does Google rewards fast-loading sites, or simply punishes slow-loading sites?
  9. Does having an Email Opt-in form contribute to a better performance of your site or post on Google?
  10. Are you missing something when you are not using an SEO Plugin?
  11. Should SEO advice be divided into low and high-competition niches?
  12. Should I disavow toxic links?

There are all posts answering some of the questions above.






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