15 Best YouTube Channels to Learn about Blogging

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I don’t know if this has always been the case but there are many bloggers documenting their blogging journey on YouTube.

There are also many experts explaining everything you need to do so your site gets more traffic and revenue.

These are my choices for the best YouTube channels to learn how to make money from blogging.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn about Blogging

If you are going to start watching content from these channels, take notes about the actions you are willing to take

Also, your notes can help you compare what different experts have said about a particular topic.

If you don’t do that, you will probably find yourself consuming a lot of content that won’t be more than background noise.

Neil Patel

Even if you don’t like seeing Neil Patel at the top of the list, He has lots of followers and he is pretty popular.

I knew who he was before I found the rest of the people that you will find in this list.

I think that you can watch his content and contrast it with the findings and opinions from other experts included in this list.

I don’t watch his content as I used to.

Channel Subscribers1 Million +

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the founder of a well-known site called BackLinko.

BackLinko is one of the most popular SEO training websites.

The success of BackLinko caught the attention of SEMRush so the company decided to buy BackLinko in 2022.

I recommend reading BackLinko SEO guides. It is a very good-looking site.

Channel Subscribers500 K +


Ahrefs is very popular in the space. Their video content is high quality and their blog posts are too.

Ahrefs can be an expensive tool for bloggers and it is the primary tool used in the tutorials.

If you can’t or don’t feel like paying for an Ahrefs subscription, you still can get a lot of value from watching Ahrefs videos.

Channel Subscribers340 K +

Income School

Income School is very popular among people who want to make money blogging.

Jim, one of the co-founders left the team so I am not sure if people are still excited as they used to be.

I am not a big fan of their channel but they know how to market stuff.

Channel Subscribers200 K +


Yes, Income School has more subscribers than Semrush.

Semrush is a tool similar to Ahrefs with great videos, webinars, and more.

You will find videos from experts such as Brian Dean and Nathan Gotch in their library.

Where to start?

If you like longer content, you might consider also subscribing to Semrush Live

Channel Subscribers120 K +

Craig Cambell SEO

You will see Campbell in lots of SEO shows. He also hosts a weekly Q&A with Chris Palmer.

They answer all kinds of questions including questions about Black Hat SEO tactics and stuff other channels never cover.

Channel Subscribers108 K +


Whenever I think about Moz, I think about Whiteboard Fridays with Rand Fishkin.

Now Whiteboard Fridays have been taken over by different SEO experts.

I think that some of the advanced tactics presented by those experts can help you complement topics presented by other SEO popular channels.

Channel Subscribers84 K +

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity’s Youtube Channel is probably one of the best YouTube channels to learn SEO, blogging, and Affiliate marketing.

His videos go straight to the point unless he is interviewing another expert from the making money online space.

I always watch his videos as soon as they come up.

Channel Subscribers60 K +

Nathan Gotch

Another SEO Expert that you should follow to learn more about how to grow your site traffic is Nathan Gotch.

He is another expert who publishes videos about specific SEO topics. His videos are well edited so they won’t waste your time.

You will also find his videos on the SEMRush YouTube channel.

Channel Subscribers50 K +

Doug Cunnington

I don’t think that the Doug Show is the best channel to learn about SEO but you can learn a lot of things about affiliate marketing.

You will find lots of stories from successful publishers who are also trying to grow their YouTube audience.

The direction of the Doug Show is similar to the direction that Niche Pursuits is heading.

If you need to listen to some success stories, you should definitely subscribe to the Doug Show.

Channel Subscribers34 K +

Authority Hacker

If you are trying to make money blogging, you probably know who Gael and Mark are.

They post a video every other week and their videos are also straight to the point.

In my opinion, they should have more followers.

These are some topics that you can start learning so you get a good idea about what you can learn from them.

Channel Subscribers25 K +

Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek started giving advice about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Once the channel got some traction. Morten launched his course.

One thing that Passive Income Geek has in common with Income School is that they don’t invite their followers to do any link building.

He believes that helpful content can be king in low-competition niches.

Morten also doesn’t recommend using SEO Plugins and he is not a big believer in keyword tools.

Channel Subscribers20 K +

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is a popular SEO News site.

I didn’t pay much attention to it until I found an interview that Craig Campbell gave to the channel

Make sure you are subscribed to the blog too.

Channel Subscribers17 K +

Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is a project by Spencer Haws but now he is not the face of the project.

He doesn’t host the Podcast anymore and a team of writers publishes blog posts for him weekly.

The Niche site projects were big in their time but now he feels that he doesn’t have much to gain from building a site from scratch publicly.

His latest public project was Own The Yard and he later sold it, however, the site hasn’t changed much.

Channel Subscribers16 K +

Carl Broadbent

Carl Broadbent is an affiliate marketer. He quit his job to make a living out of blogging and the products he promotes.

He organized an event called the “Affiliate Gathering”

If you want to learn about what he does and not from what he says on his channel.

You can check his public case study

Channel Subscribers9 K +

Money Lab

I think that the first time I heard about Matt Giovanisci was when Doug Cunnington interview him.

Matt is not afraid of sharing his sites publicly.

Swim University is his most successful site

I think that one of the reasons why he doesn’t have as many subscribers as others on this list is that he doesn’t care about making money with display ads.

Today publishers are in love with display ads. Almost every video from a small publisher is an Ezoic commercial in disguise.

Channel Subscribers4 K +

Passive Income Unlocked

Passive Income Unlocked reminds me of Passive Income Geek.

Jeff started teaching me how to do keyword research and some other helpful stuff.

Then they revealed one of the sites in case you want to check out and learn from what they do to rank sites.

The site was accepted by Mediavine so it probably gets more than 50 K sessions per month.

I knew that he would eventually come up with a course and they just recently launched one.

Channel Subscribers3.5 K +

Final Thoughts

Income reports tend to become boring over time. You are happy about these people’s sites making money, and you might get some motivation out of them but that’s it.

There is not much that you are gonna get from knowing that this or that guy makes 3K a month.

For the rest of the content, you might find on those channels, try to note down what you learn, and the actions you are going to take to make sure you also become a successful blogger.

If these sites have revealed some of their sites, don’t be a f*cking a*shole and copy their content, just learn from them and what they do with their own sites.

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I am José Manuel. I am writing about things I know and things that I am learning about WordPress. I hope you find the content of this blog useful.

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