How to Improve the Page Speed of your Adsense Sites

In this post you will learn how to improve the speed of your wordpress sites using adsense ads with premium and free plugins and services.

What I am about to describe is my recipe to make sure that my wordpress sites load fast despite using Adsense.

Yes, you can have perfect scores and pass core web vital following the recommendation here

How to Improve the Page Speed of your Adsense Sites

These are my recommendations to have a blazing fast website despite using Adsense

Fast Hosting

I don’t know what hosting provider you are using but I have found a lot of success using cloud hosting.

If you are using shared hosting, you should consider getting your own VPS.

I know getting your virtual private server could be a scary if you don’t know anything about server management but you can use a panel to do the heavy lifting.

I use Cloudways to manage my digital ocean server.

If you use cloud hosting, you will know that your server is not the problem.

Lightweight Theme: GeneratePress

I know that there are many lightweight themes out there which can make optimizing a site for speed an easier task.

I am a big fan of GeneratePress, I use it in all of my sites. You can create anchor ads and sticky widget with the elements found in GP Premium and some CSS.

If you are using a theme such as Kadence, Blocksy, Astra, don’t switch theme.

My advice is not to activate every feature they have because you will end up having a slow site

Try to use Gutenberg Blocks instead of page builder since these are way easier to optimize and you have less chances of breaking anything.


Perfmatters is a lightweight plugin that will help you apply lots of little optimizations that will make your site faster

You can apply those optimizations manually using the code snippets plugin but you will save a lot of time and conflicts using Perfmatters

You can also remove CSS and JS that you don’t need so you don’t have to worry about those requests at all.

The coolest thing in Perfmatters is the option to delay the execution of third-party scripts

You can delay the execution of two Google products until there is user interaction

These are the scripts that you have to add if you want to do that:

ga( \'

Check this screenshot so you don’t get lost:

Lightweight Plugins

Try not to use plugins which add more requests every time a visitors comes to your page.

I use few plugins, I make sure that they are the fastest plugins in their categories:

Ad Inserter
GenerateBlocks Pro
GP Premium
SEOPress Pro
Table of Contents Plus
Simple URL’S

Ad Inserter

I have Adsense Autoads enabled in my WordPress sites to show vignette ads.

I don’t let google to optimize the size of the mobile ads because that was causing CLS issues.

I already wrote about how to fix CLS issues with Ad Inserter so make sure to check that out when you are done reading the rest of this post.

I have also written about the number of ad units I place and where I place them so make sure to read my monetization with adsense post.

WP Rocket

I think that you can do this with FlyingPress with another caching plugin that most people don’t talk about because they don’t pay affiliate commision.

FlyingPress is a bit more expensive so I decided to stick with WP Rocket.

I know most caching plugin do pretty much the same thing, probably a bit better or a bit worse than the competition.

The functionality that I like about these two plugins is the option to remove the unused CSS and inline in the HTML.

So make sure to get rid of the unused CSS requests with Perfmatters and then let WP Rocket remove the unused CSS of the remaining CSS files.

You can see the room of improvement that you have by checking a page from your site in PurifyCSS

CloudFlare Full Page Caching

You can use page rules to create full page caching and make sure that your site is served from their servers around the World.

Using full page caching with CloudFlare is really simple:

  1. Go to CloudFlare
  2. Then go to your domain
  3. After go to your page rules and create the following page rules in that specific order

You can add the CloudFlare plugin to make sure the caching is cleared when you write or update a post.


I have told you exactly what I have done to have a super fast website and increase your chances of earning more money with Google Adsense.

These are my results from the Core Web Vital Website

and these are my GTMetrix Results so you can my largest contentful page and my fully loading time.

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