I didn’t get my Adsense Payment

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I love using Adsense. It is simple, it is transparent and you have lots of data to increase your revenue.

I have never had any issues with my Adsense payments until June 2022.

On June 24th, I got the usual email from Adsense letting me know that they have already made the wire the transfer and that I should wait five business days to get my payment.

Five days business had passed and there was no sign of my Adsense payment.

So I contacted my bank to find out if there was a problem or if the transaction has been denied or something.

My bank indicated me that I should contact Google Adsense since they don’t have any records of any transactions under my name during June.

Google Adsense Payment Troubleshooter: July 11th

If you are in such a hurry to get your money, you won’t get it anytime soon.

You have to wait from 10 to 15 business to contact Adsense and asked them what happened to your money.

This is a screenshot taken from the official Adsense Twitter account.

Internal Wire Transfers

I waited for ten business days to pass so I contacted Google Adsense support troubleshooter.

Google says that if you don’t get your payment, they can do three things for you:

We review your payment history and confirm whether your payment was issued successfully.

If your payment was cancelled, we contact your bank to find out why, then let you know how to fix the issue and receive your payment.

If it wasn’t cancelled, we put you in touch with our finance team who help you track your payment with a SWIFT copy/UTR. Your bank can use the SWIFT copy/UTR to find your payment as it contains information such as the time and date when the bank received your payment.

Wire transfer FAQ

I didn’t get any response or confirmation that someone was assigned to the case.

Google Adsense Payment Troubleshooter: July 18th

Since I didn’t get any confirmation after 10 business days, I decided to fill out the form again after 15 business days

Request Swift Copy

I didn’t hear anything back from Adsense so on July 21st, I wrote this in the community support forum

Adsense Payment not received

On July 22nd, I got a response from the The Billing and Payments Team

Response from Adsense

I am sure this is gonna take a while

What about my July Payment

I don’t know what caused the problem with my june’s payment but I knew this was gonna take a long time to figure out.

I didn’t want this situation to happen twice in a row because that would be sort of depressing so I changed my payment information in my Google Adsense account on time and I got my July’s payment on July 22nd.

Now I am working with two additional networks (Ad.Plus and Ezoic) so I get paid by three ad companies instead of just one.

If a situation like the one described here happens again, at least I will get paid by the other two.

I guess I am not putting all eggs in one basket anymore.

To Be Continued

I will update this post as soon as I have something new to report

Where is my money?

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