Adsense Alternatives for Sites not Targeting US Traffic

Published on July 2, 2022 | Updated on February 17, 2024

Monetizing a site whose traffic comes from countries other than United States and European countries is kinda difficult.

Your first option is Adsense and the one that many publishers stick to.

This my journal about thoughts about different ad companies and services.

Read my subjective opinions about Adsense Alternatives for sites not targeting US traffic.


Adthrive is a popular ad network, they have made a name for themselves because you need to get more than 100K sessions a month to apply.

As far as I know they don’t take sites in a language other than English.

I haven’t bothered applying.


Mediavine has rejected my biggest site twice because it doesn’t target US traffic.

I don’t think they will take a site in a language other than English.


I have said so many things about Ezoic, their service and tools in a few posts:

  1. Ezoic Publishers: Their Most Common Mistakes
  2. Ezoic Leap Review: As Honest as it Gets

You have to go through a ritual if you want to display Ezoic ads on your site but they take small sites and sites not targeting US traffic.

They are a popular option.

Ezoic Basic

Basic is a simple product created by Ezoic.

You don’t have to go through rituals to use “Basic”

I haven’t given it a try because I think that you don’t have control over the ad placements and you are not allowed to use it if you already add it those sites to Ezoic.

Basic is auto ads with Ad Exchange access.


AdPush gives me the impressions that they take big sites.

AdPushup requires that you make at least $5000 a month.


If your site is not targeting US traffic, that’s a lot pageviews.

The MoneyTizer

This has been one of the few companies that has contacted me so I can start using their service.

I created an account. No rituals. You just have to update your ads.txt file, place a consent banner and you are set.

You can try the service and leave whenever you want.


Monumetric is another company who doesn’t really want sites targeting non-us traffic

Nomad Life 101 says this about the monumetric requirements:

Minimum of 10,000 monthly pageviews

The site must be approved by major ad providers

Minimum 50% traffic from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Monumetric Requirements & Review

So, I guess this is a “don’t even try”


Ad.Plus is one of the few ad management companies who has contacted me with intentions to work with me.

I have written a detailed review about so I hope you check it out.


Recently I was contacted by a representative of Revloq but I have ignored their emails since I don’t feel like giving an ad network a try now.

Email by Revloq

Email by Revloq

More about Monetization

I hope that you have found this post useful

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