How to Lazy Load Ads

The concept of lazy loading ads is relatively simple. When someone first goes to your website, only the advertisements that are in the first screen view are loaded.

As soon as you start scrolling the page, the rest of the ads start to load based on an offset you define.

Let’s learn how to lazy load ads in WordPress

Why to Lazy Load ads?

With the help of Lazy loading you can improve the speed of your WordPress site and your earnings.

According to Google:

Lazy loading enables pages to load faster, reduces resource consumption and contention, and improves viewability rate by pausing the requesting and rendering of ads until they approach the user’s viewport.

Lazy loading – Google Publisher Tag

The viewability rate is the percentage of ad impressions that count as being viewed.

A viewed impression is described as being at least 50% on screen for one second

Advertisers have a strong interest in bidding more on viewable inventory because it improves their return on ad spend.

How to Lazy Load Ads

There are many ways to lazy loads but my if you don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with it, AdInserter Pro is probably your best choice.

What I like about AdInserter Pro is that you can lazy load specific ad units.

Lazy loading only the ad units that you want is helpful since you don’t want to do that units above the fold.

When you implement lazy loading this way, you can add more ad units below the fold and these won’t affect the ad viewability of your site.

That’s what Mediavine does, you can add a bunch of ads below the fold and if you scroll down to the end, you will see them.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole article or you already find what you were looking for, the rest of ads won’t be shown.

By the way, I am not criticizing Mediavine, I wish I could join their network.

Lazy Loading vs Delaying Script Execution

If you want to improve your site speed, you can do this by lazy loading or delaying the ad script.

If you want to delay the scripts, there are several plugins that can help you do that.

Flying Scripts is a free plugins created by WP Speed Matters that can solve your ad-related site speed issues.

If you care about speed, Perfmatters is your best option, you can defer, delay scripts and so much more.

Delaying the execution of scripts is not lazy loading.

If you add 40 ad units to your website, these will start to load all at once as soon as there is user interaction and lots of your site ad units will load and won’t be seen.


If you feel comfortable modifying and adding code to your site, you can give the Lazy HTML script a try

There is a thread in StackOverFlow and this GitHub that can help you do that if you don’t want to buy a premium plugin

I don’t know if this alternative is better or worse in terms of speed than the recommended plugins in this post.

LocalCoder also wrote about it in similar terms: How to Lazy Load Adsense Ads?

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