Ad.Plus Review: As Honest as It Gets

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I was contacted several times by email by a member of the Ad.Plus team. They had the intention to work with one of my sites.

I ignored their emails because I didn’t know much about them since they are never part of any display ads conversations.

I was also happy with Adsense so I didn’t feel like fixing what it wasn’t broken

Eventually, I decided to give Ad.Plus a try and these are my thoughts about them.

Ad.Plus: Their Marketing is Kinda Dead

Ad.Plus is not a popular ad network, I didn’t know anything about them before they contacted me.

If you search for reviews, you will find publishers talking nice things about them and publishers trashing them.

If you go to YouTube, You won’t find reputable videos about them, and to make matters worse, Ad.Plus doesn’t have a YouTube Channel.

If you visit Reddit, you will find that all Reddit questions concerning on Reddit start like this:


Besides emails and their website, their marketing efforts seem to be sort of dead.

Ad.Plus: Google MCM Partner is not found in the list of Certified Publishing Partners but they are an MCM partner.

MCM Partners can also play the game.

These are some of the benefits of using an MCM Partner.

With Multiple Customer Management (MCM), Ad Manager publishers can earn revenue with the help of third-party providers who can consult, represent, and manage networks or inventory on their behalf.

About Multiple Customer Management

I think Certified Publishing Partner makes people trust you more but being an MCM shouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Ad.Plus Reviews

I did a bit of research and have lots of negative reviews.

They are called scammers and have been accused of closing accounts and keeping the money.

You have to take those reviews with a grain of salt since you don’t know the publishers who are complaining either.

You will also find comments like these in which users explain that Ad.Plus is not a scam but not the best service either.

Reddit User Talking about Ad.Plus

These are some of the Reddit Threads that I checked while I was trying to learn if Ad.Plus is legit or not

Ad.Plus: Site Speed

One of my complaints about many ad networks is that their ads load kinda slow, definitely slower than Adsense.

If you check you will see lots of white spots waiting to be filled by Ezoic ads.

This site shared with me by an Ad.Plus team member shows how fast the sites and the ads load

Ad.Plus ads are slower than Adsense but they load faster than Ezoic ads.

I don’t know if Pinoria is like their perfect site to get you all excited about using

This is a screenshot of a GTMetrix test

Pinoria GTMetrix

Not the fastest site I have checked but still pretty good.

The theme is probably not that lightweight since they site is loading a few CSS files.

Ad.Plus: Onboarding Process


I got a quick response from the team assured me that the problems that they have had with some publishers is due to them sending bot traffic to their own sites.

The team indicated that they had reviewed my site and that it was a good fit.

First Step

The first step was adding a few lines to my ads.txt file. If you use Ad Inserter, you can use that.

Other plugins to insert ads have the option to create and modify the contents of your site ads.txt file.

You can also use the Ads.txt Manager site if you still keep your account from your time with Ezoic.

Second Step

Ad.Plus sent me a Google Ad Manager Invitation. I had already had a Google Manager account because of Ezoic so that process took me a couple of minutes.

I was told that my site still had to be approved by google and that process would take 48 hours.

My site was approved by Google Ad Manager in 24 hours or so.

Third Step

I received my username and password so I logged in and grabbed the code for different types of ad units.

The dashboard is quite simple. You will see an overview of your earnings, stats, your ad codes, and the lines I already added to my ads.txt file


Fourth Step

I added some ad codes to the header to show anchor ads, interstitial ads, and a video ad.

I added a couple of units in the sidebar and a couple of units inside the content.

The site still loads fast despite the additional scripts and requests.

Ad.Plus: Thoughts After Two Weeks

These are some of my initial thoughts after using for two weeks.

  • There is not much documentation about so you gotta figure out stuff based on the experience that you have with Adsense and other ad networks.
  • I didn’t have any issues during the onboarding process since I know the basics of making money with display ads.
  • The ads don’t refresh, at least not the ads displayed on my site, not even the ads with high viewability like the sidebar ads or the anchor ads.
  • All support and instructions are received by email.
  • There is no group or forum that I could join to learn from other users’ questions and mistakes.
  • There are no webinars or channel where I can learn more about making money with Ad.Plus ads.
  • won’t slow down your site in the worst possible way. No 200-line code will be added to your site, you can optimize your site the best way you can and use any optimization plugins.
  • I don’t know what percentage they take from your earnings. I think it is 80/20
  • At the end of the day, you don’t have to commit 100% to Ad.Plus, you can try a few ads and keep adding more units as your earnings get better.
  • You can keep your Ezoic and Adsense Ad units if you don’t want to put all the eggs in one basket.
  • Interstitial, Anchor, and Sidebars ads will make you more money than in-content ads.
  • The Inread video placed after the first or second paragraph is kinda heavy when compared to the rest of ad units
  • The inread video has a higher ECPM than the rest of the ad units.
  • I like the compact sticky anchor ads more than the regular anchor ads which have an identical style to Adsense anchor ads.

Ad.Plus: Fill Rate

I had concerns about the number of impressions the ads were getting so I talked to my account manager about it and now so Ad.Plus will serve an Adsense ad if an Ad.Plus ad isn’t available.

Now I am sure I won’t lose any impressions or money due to not having a 100% fill rate.

I have replaced all of my Adsense ad units with Ad.Plus ad units. The ECPM went down since all units are not equal, some have higher viewability than others.

Ad.Plus: Billing Information Section Added

I was told that I was going to be contacted by the Ad.Plus accounting team so they could get my payment details by email.

Now there is an option within the dashboard to submit your payment info.

Paypal and Wire Transfer are among the options available.

You will also find a summary of the payments already made in this section.


This is a move in the right direction because contacting publishers by email to ask for your billing information is not the right thing to do when you have a dashboard where that information can easily be submitted

Ad.Plus: Add More Sites

There is also a new section to add more sites to Ad.Plus and check if the sites have been approved by Google Ad Manager.

Sites to Ad.Plus

Ad.Plus/Adsense vs Ezoic

Comparing Ad Companies is kinda hard to do because many factors come into play.

Ad.Plus uses ECPM as the main metric, Ezoic uses EPMV and Adsense gives you whatever you want.

Each one of my site versions gets 50% the of day traffic. At least that’s what I indicated in the Ezoic Panel

Ezoic vs Ad.Plus

Before saying who is better at this and that, don’t take these results as scientific proof to make a choice about the ad company you want to work with.

Do your own testing and make your own decision. Don’t buy into anybody’s experience because those are freaking anecdotes.

These are my earnings divided by ad network.

July 21st14%46%40%
July 22nd21%41%38%
July 23rd16%45%39%
July 24th20%42%38%
July 25th17%41%42%
July 26th14%42%44%

Ad.Plus makes me similar amounts of money to the ones generated by Ezoic.

However I make additional from Adsense because Ad.Plus displays Adsense Ad units when they can’t fill an ad spot.

What’s the Best Ad Network?

I don’t really know, I have never used Mediavine or Ad.Thrive. Ad Networks that most publishers love.

When I have used an Adsense Alternative, I have made more money than Adsense but not money to think that switching was the best thing that ever happened to me.


I think the big gains come from having a poorly optimized Adsense setup.

If you read those clickbaity titles, you will find that they rarely talk about where the extra money came from.

More ads? Automatic Refreshing of High Viewable Ad units? Higher viewability? Ad Network having better advertisers?

Final Thoughts

I was using Adsense and I wasn’t planning to join Ad.Plus or comeback to Ezoic.

I had an issue with Adsense payment and if you have gone through that, you know that it takes some time for Adsense to find where the problem was.

I thought it wasn’t a good idea to put all the eggs in one basket from this point on.

I could keep splitting the traffic but I have never been a fan of integrating my site to Ezoic.

Ezoic adds lots of code to your site and their ads tend to load slower than Adsense and slower than Ad.Plus.

If I run only Ad.Plus/Adsense ads, I can lazy load ads, improve viewability, and have a faster site.

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