WP Rocket Review: Love it and Leave it

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In less than two weeks my WP Rocket will expire so why not reviewing the plugin before I can’t update it anymore.

WP Rocket is like the king of caching plugins, lots of wordpress influencers talk about how good it is.

Are those reviews really honest?

I think they are honest review but they are also influenced by the cut content creator make every time a visitor buys using the influencer affiliate link.

Let’s check what I like about WP Rocket, What I don’t like so much and why I stopped using the plugins despite having an active suscription.

WP Rocket: User Experience

I have mixed feeling about the experience that WordPress you get when setting everything up.

I like that you can see all the options so you can move from section to section easily.

What I hate is the promotion of their services for an additional fee.

If you have the plugin is because you already paid for it so I find their ads very annoying.

This is WP Rocket trying to make you buy Rocket CDN

Rocket CDN

This is WP Rocket trying to make you install and hopefully buy an Imagify suscription

Imagify and WP Rocket

I would be happy if those options were removed completely from the WP Rocket options.

Having said that, setting up WP Rocket is a less difficult task than setting Swift Performance Lite.

WP Rocket: Cache (1)

I understand the importance of caching but what about us who use CloudFlare APO?

Do you really need caching at the application level when your content is stored on CloudFlare servers.

CloudFlare Apo Caching

Should I pay for WP Rocket when CloudFlare is taking care of more than 98% of requests.

I don’t think so.

If I want to keep a caching plugin for that 1.5%, Surge might be what I need.

WP Rocket: File Optimization (2)

This sections takes care of your:


Your Site CSS: Dirty Hands

If you don’t have that many CSS files and if you want to get your hands dirty.

You can clean and minify the Block Library CSS and other CSS files.

If you don’t need those files, you can simply unload them from entire site except from those pages you need it.

You can use PerfMatters for that.

Your Site CSS: Dirtier Hands

If you want to get your hands even dirtier, dequeue those files and them to where they are needed using a code snippets plugins such as WPCodeBox

You can also use the elements sections from GeneratePress.

Once you clean, minify and load your CSS where it is needed, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Your Site JS

At this point I don’t have scripts to delay. I don’t delay ads, I lazy load most units using the Ad Inserter Pro

I use the minimal analytics code so I am not gonna worry about 1.3 KB

I think that combining CSS files is not a good idea and WP Rocket agrees with that.

WP Rocket: Lazy Loading (3)

I totally recommend lazy loading everything below the fold that you can lazy load.

I lazy load images and videos.

I still use the Lazy Loading plugin by WP Rocket. YouTube videos generate several requests even if visitors don’t watch them.

Fortunately, you don’t need a WP Rocket subscription for that.

WP Rocket: Preloading (4)

I don’t need to think I will get that much of a benefit by preloading the caché when CloudFlare stores a copy on the server once a page or post is requested

Preloading links seems like a nice feature to have but I don’t the impact that it has when 95% of everything is properly cached.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

I use system fonts so Google Fonts has never been one of my concerns.

WP Rocket: Advanced Rules (5)

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

I don’t care about caching that much so I don’t need advanced rules to handle something I don’t care about.

At this point, you get the idea that premium plugins are not meant to be for everybody.

WP Rocket: Database (6)

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

This is a nice feature to have but I won’t pay $39 per year to do that.

You can do a few things instead.

  • Set a limit in the number of revisions you store
  • Install a plugin every now and then to optimize the database and uninstall it
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

WP Rocket: Database (7)

I don’t need Rocket CDN,

CloudFlare is taking care of my sites in that department.

WP Rocket: HeartBeat (8)

If you are the only one involved in the process of writing, you don’t need the heartbeat API.

You can get rid of that functionality using a code snippet

WP Rocket: Add-ons

I haven’t enabled Varnish for my sites hosted on Cloudways

CloudFlare is taking care of the security so I don’t need Sucuri

Get reliable hosting, create a few Firewall rules and you are set.

WP Rocket: Image Optimization (10)

I also don’t want you to optimize my images.

If I remember correctly, you can install imagify, optimize your images and install it a few months later to optimize new images.

You can also optimize your existing images, get rid of the plugin and then optimize every new images you upload so you don’t have to keep imagify or any other image plugin 100% if the time

Final Thoughts

This is my process to make sure that I don’t need WP Rocket.

It is not for everyone.

By the way, Perfmatters does a lot of the stuff that WP Rocket does and PerfMatters is cheaper than a WP Rocket subscription.

Maybe a combination between Perfmatters and Surge might be everything you need.

If you really have uses for WP Rocket, go ahead and buy it .


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