SEO Plugins: The Race for the Crown

Manuel Campos

Should you install an SEO plugin or should you stay away from them?

Sometimes I have held the view that you shouldn’t use an SEO plugin and sometimes I think that it doesn’t hurt to have one.

My better safe than sorry approach makes me check once in a while what’s happening in the SEO Plugins market.

These are my thoughts about SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO

We know Yoast is the king of SEO plugins or at least the plugin with more active installations right now.

I remember the days when every affiliate marketer and YouTuber recommended installing Yoast SEO.

If you are new to WordPress and Blogging, you probably install Yoast SEO since it is the one that seems to be getting much loved by the community.

The problem with the free version of Yoast is that it has so many ads trying to sell you Yoast Premium or other third-party services.

I haven’t used Yoast in a while and it is not being recommended as it used to be because other SEO Plugins are trying to take over.

Note: Yoast SEO has 5+ Million Active Installations

All in One SEO

I have never installed All in One SEO and kept it active for more than two hours on any of my sites.

All in One SEO is also an expensive plugin if you think that unlocking its premium features is a great idea.

Note: All in One SEO has 3+ Million Active Installations

Rank Math SEO

I started using Rank Math SEO from the very beginning and I kinda fell in love with it because it was giving you for free a bunch of features that Yoast and All in One SEO charged for.

Rank Math SEO is cheaper than its two main competitors.

They have three plans but their personal plan is enough if you don’t have an agency or something like that.

I stopped using it because it crashed two of my sites so I thought it wasn’t a good idea to keep it.

Personally, I hope Rank Math beats Yoast and All in One SEO in the coming years.

If you check the downloads per day, you will find that Rank Math has the potential to beat the crap out of the other SEO Plugins.

Note: Rank Math SEO has more than 2 million active installations.


I have used SEOPress, it is a great SEO Plugin with a cleaner interface and code snippets if you don’t want to see some features that you know you won’t use.

I used SEOPress Pro for a year and I canceled my subscription because I realized that I wasn’t using most of the Premium features.

SEOPress has similar pricing plans as Rank Math SEO does.

I hope the plugin keeps getting the love of more WordPress users

Note: SEOPress has more than 200 K active installations.

The SEO Framework

If you hang around Facebook groups that attract speed freaks, you will find the SEO Framework among their recommendations for SEO plugins.

I have installed the plugin a few times for testing purposes only.

I am not a big fan of it.

Note: The SEO Framework has more than 100 K active installations.

Smart Crawl

If you don’t know what SEO plugin to give a chance, consider using Smart Crawl since it is offering so many features for free, features that other plugins mentioned in this list are charging for.

Smart Crawl is part of a suite of plugins so their pricing plans include speed, security, and other helpful plugins for WordPress.

I am using Smart Crawl on some sites and I totally recommend it.

Note: Smart Crawl has more than 20 K active installations.

Slim SEO

Slim SEO is another SEO plugin that is popular among WordPress speed freaks and users who love simplicity.

I have used the plugin in the past, but I stopped using it because you need to pay extra if you want advanced schema features and a link manager.

RankMath and SEOPress are way cheaper than Slim SEO.

Note: SLIM SEO has more than 20 K active installations.

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