The MoneyTizer: Honest Review

Published on July 2, 2022

Adsense has many limitations, one of them is that you cannot refresh ads

Ad Refresh refers to the ability of an ad slot to display different ads after a certain number of seconds.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by TheMonetyzer team but ignored the emails until I decided to give the service a try

This is an honest opinion about this ad platform.

Ads slower than Adsense

Adsense ads display much faster than The MoneyTizer ads. No doubt about it.

In all fairness to this platform, the same happens with platforms like Ezoic and Mediavine.

Go to OwnTheYard and you will see lots of blank spots waiting to be filled by Ezoic ads.

If you use TheMoneytizer, don’t use their ads at the top cause your visitors won’t see them.

Worse Results in Speed ​​Tests

One thing you may notice with ad companies is that their ads might have a negative effect on speed tests.

The Moneytizer adds scripts and requests so the combination of Adsense and The Moneytizer scripts might have adverse results.

Having said that, I don’t mind additional requests because the content loads quickly.

The poor results would only be a problem if the Core Web Vitals results in Google Search Console start to decline.

I believe that the impact on speed is normal when you monetize with a company other than Adsense.

The MoneyTizer has Ad Refresh

One of the reasons why you should use The Moneytizer is because they refresh ads every 30 seconds or so.

These ads can be placed in the sidebar where they will perform well.

The Moneytizer pays for the times ad ad unit has been viewed so using these ads in sidebar is the way to go.

Ad Refresh - TheMoneyTizer

According to my experience, the ads didn’t load as fast as I expected.

Easy Integration

The Moneytizer has a very easy way to integrate ads.

It does better than Ezoic in the integration department you don’t have to give them access to your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, your Adsense account and your Google Manager account or change your name servers or DNS Records.

The Moneytizer does not require you to become an expert in a hundred of things to place the ads.

Payments from The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer has the option to send payments to your Paypal account or they can transfer the money to your bank account.

Limited Ad Units

One of the things that you cannot do with The MoneyTizer is to use an ad unit two or three times.

if you already used the two 300×250 units, you can no longer add more of those units.

TheMoneytizer ad Units

It seems that the purpose of these ad units is not to replace all existing Adsense units, just take a few of the existing spots.

Consent Banner

I understand the reason why you should use a consent banner but that doesn’t change the fact I hate them.

I also hate adding more scripts to my site

Consent Banner = The Moneytizer

You have to add the script in your site header and verify its correct implementation.

Limited Inventory

I know I didn’t give The Moneytizer enough time to test how their ad units perform.

I think that the inventory for sites in languages other than English have a limited inventory.

So I am not sure if this service is the best for my site.

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