Blogging Courses: Questions and Thoughts

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Do you think that you need to buy a blogging course to make money from your WordPress site?

There are many courses out there ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to one thousand dollars.

I am not gonna tell you what to do or how to spend your money but these are some pretty good points that you should consider before buying a blogging course.

Blogging Experts in Low Competition Niches

If you have access to some of the most popular blogging courses out there, you will often find that these so-called experts suggest starting websites in low-competition niches.

They also recommend writing content about low-competition or long-tail keywords to avoid competing with the big sites

I have nothing against starting a website in a low-competition niche since that seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do but you should keep in mind that most of the courses out there regardless of what they are called should be rebranded to something like “How to Make Money Blogging in Low-Competition Niches”

Blogging Experts and their Advice

I recently watched a video about one of the experts pretty much calling out well-known experts and the tools they use.

I was like, how can a king of blogging in low-competition niches criticize or contradict people who do SEO for a living in competitive niches?

Those so-called experts are trying to sell you the idea that you don’t need keyword tools, SEO Plugins, and Backlinks and that the only thing you ever need to be a successful blogger is their course.

Blogging Experts and their Secrets

One of the reasons why people buy courses is because they expect to find the recipe for Coca-Cola in them.

When they buy the course, they find that there is nothing special in them or nothing that hasn’t been taught already on YouTube.

If you don’t know how to do Keyword research, you can get a pretty good idea by watching YouTube videos, reading previous discussions in groups, and reading blogs.

This summarizes the thoughts of a part of Reddit users when asked about paid courses:

Other users indicate that those blogging courses are a good guide in their journey as beginners.

Blogging Experts and their Communities

Sometimes what you are paying for when you buy blogging courses is access to their community.

I assume that their conversations in those groups should be better than the ones that take place in public forums.

So what you need is 6 hours of video and then discuss the topics you have questions about with fellow bloggers.

Blogging Experts who Got Lucky

There is more competition in the blogging space today than ever before.

If you started a blog ten, twelve, or fifteen years ago and you are making tons of money with it but you can’t replicate that level of success, you just got lucky.

Some people trying to sell blogging courses today know their stuff but if you follow their journey with their sites, you will see that their new sites are not even close to the success of the first blog they started by accident.

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